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All I Want for Christmas

There is a saying, “No matter how bad your day is going, just remember you have a horse” Isn’t it true? Owning a horse puts us in a special category of people, we aren’t just average, we have something special that some people only get to dream of, the companionship of a majestic creature that can give us wings. We get to go out to the barn and seek the solace and comfort of the animals, they get us out, working and riding in the fresh air. No matter what the news is reporting, horses still need to be cared for, fed and worked. In an ever-changing world it is comforting to know that these things don’t change.

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Innovative Stall Feeder Options

One of the biggest reasons for looking at different styles of feeders is to help with feed cost savings. If you can employ a feeder that helps save feed, you will typically see a return on investment within a few months of feed bills. Additionally, many of the feeders that are made for horses are now looking at ways to help slow horses down when eating which is more natural and better for their digestive health.

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Finding the Right Outdoor Hay Feeder

There are a lot of different feeder options that can help save your hay from being wasted and save you money on your feed bill throughout the winter and beyond. So, if you are thinking of investing in a feeder or would like to upgrade to something that work better for your horses and your facility, keep the following in mind:

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Autumn Stable Checklist

Fall is one of the best times of the year to enjoy having horses. The cooler weather gives us a reprieve from the hot summer sun, but it is not so cold that we have to worry about layering up just yet. Autumn is a great time to get some of those last ‘to-do’ projects done before winter sets in and take simple steps to make horse keeping easier in the coming months. Here are some things to consider accomplishing in the barn before things get too blustery:

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Choosing the Best Stalls for your Barn

When it comes to choosing stalls for your horse barn, it seems that the options are endless and can all get a bit confusing, so here are some ‘need to know’ options that will help you in the right direction to get the best stalls for your barn project. While some decisions are up to personal taste or the structure of the existing building, others really do come down to the safety and health of the horses that will occupy them.

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Cashmans Stall Grazer Horse Feeders….The Choice of Champions

These days, most horses will spend a much more significant part of their lives in stalls or in paddocks and pastures that do not resemble the grazing lifestyle intended by nature. Many designs of feeders attached higher on the wall, do not take into account that the horses teeth will not come into alignment until their head is down. That being the case, much hay is wasted when it is placed too high up because the horse will pull it down and then eat it off the ground.

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Go Green & Save Green

What if you could not only save a little money, but benefit the environment as well? Sometimes it can take a little more upfront investment, but there is quite a bit of money to be saved when you invest in ‘green’ products. There is also the bonus of doing something good for the environment. Even small steps can have a big impact.

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Mud Grid Trail Installation at Alum Creek State Park

. This series will address some of the issues with mud, look at different options on how to fix some muddy situations and help with some suggestions on how to prevent mud from occurring. In this first installment, we will discuss how one group of trail riders decided to take advantage of an easy solution to fix a section of trail that had become nearly un-rideable.

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