Kleerflex Doors

These plastic strip doors are GREAT for Barns, Workshops, Sheds, Garages, Dog Houses, Horse Stalls, Feeders and more.

  • FREE Shipping on doors within the continental US
  • Reduces hot and cold air loss
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Admits light
  • Easy to install


When using an inside mount, order the same size door kit as your clear opening.

When using side wall mount, overlap the opening at least 3 inches on each side and 1 foot above the door opening for a better seal. Therefore, order your door 1 foot taller and 6 inches wider than actual door opening.

  • For taller doors, the strips should be heavier and wider
  • Narrow strips are easier to pass through than the wider strips
  • When air movement is a problem, choose the wider strip
  • Fasteners for mounting hardware to the existing building materials are not included

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