Aluminum Modular Stall Backs



Cashmans Expo Stalls

10′ or 12′ Wide Aluminum Expo Stall Backs

Built-in top bars make moving these back panels a breeze! Place forks of fork lift under top horizontal bar to lift and relocate in large or small barn operations. No fork lift? No problem. These stalls are light enough to move under man power alone yet sturdy enough to keep your horse contained. Choose from 10′ and 12′ solid backs, or 10′ and 12′ top grill/bottom puckboard backs, or top grill/bottom wood backs. Mix and match with our aluminum expo fronts & sides to create the stall size of your choosing.

  • Panels are 10′ or 12′ wide
  • Panels are 8′ high and pin together for easy setup
  • Panels have 1.5″ square aluminum diamond bar tubing with .125″ wall
  • Options include 10′ or 12′ :
    • Solid puckboard back
    • Solid wood back
    • Half puckboard/half grill back
    • Half wood/half grill back

If you are building a full stall, here are our Fronts and Sides


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