Cashmans Odor Free Air

Safe for animals, people, and the planet, this ammonia odor eliminator is here to keep your nose happy and your animals healthy. Use for cat litter boxes, horse stalls and more! No more 50 lb bag heavy lifting or application guess work- Cashmans Odor Free Air gives you step-by-step guides on how to use and when depending on your deodorizing needs.



Tired of cleaning out smelly litter boxes and horse stalls? Tired of wasting money on deodorizers that don’t work? Cashmans Odor Free Air is the new longer lasting, cost efficient alternative that you’ve been waiting for! Just one 4 lb bag used in one 12×12 horse stall lasts as long as 3 months. Alternatively, one bag could also be used for three 12×12 horse stalls for as long as 5 weeks! Simply sprinkle the Odor Free Air product over desired area and cover with normal bedding or litter. Sprinkle additional amounts on top of bedding or litter weekly and give your nose a vacation! Not sure if Cashmans Odor Free Air is right for you? Stop in at our location in Delaware, Ohio to try a free sample! (limit one free sample per customer)

  • Ammonia Odor Blocker
  • Quick and easy application
  • Available in 4 lb bags or 30 lb buckets
  • Long lasting and long-term cost efficient
  • Safe for animals, people, and the planet


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