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Cashmans Calf Pass Throughs


Looking for a way to feed your calves without the cows getting all the grain?  Invest in a calf pass through panel.

Calf Pass Thru Panels:

Available in lengths from 4’ to 14’ in even increments, the calf pass thru panels have a vertical bar that is adjustable. The adjustable bar allows only your calves to pass through, keeping larger animals out of restricted feeding areas. These panels are made with heavy duty tubular steel. Drop pin system provides quick and easy installation.

  • From 4’ to 14’ in even increments
  • Adjustable height (up to 51″ tall)
  • Allows calves to pass thru, keeping larger animals out
  • 15″ width between bars
  • 62″ tall to the top of the panel
  • Use for feeding lots or other uses
  • J-Pin System


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