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Aluminum Stall Installation

The stall front:

  1. Set upright posts & screw or nail 2x lumber to desired grill height.
  2. Slide tension pads in bar tracks, place on lumber. Screw the board to the posts to lock the bottom track in place.
  3. Place a bar in each hole, then place top tracks on bars working from one end to the other with a partner holding the starting end.
  4. Slide top board in top track, pull down firmly and fasten to posts.

The door:

Cut boards 49 ¾” from your 10’ or 12’ boards. (The remainder makes the balance of the stall front.) The door will have one board fewer at the top and at the bottom. Doors are best assembled lying on the floor or on saw horses.

Assemble the door:

  1. Drill deep pilot holes for each of the 10 lag screws and always use a nylon washer on each lag.
  2. Screw door sides into the bottom board.
  3. Slide in other boards to grill height, compress the boards toward the bottom & screw in 2 middle lags.
  4. Place bar tracks, with tension pads & bars in door, put in top board, pull down and screw in top 4 lags.
  5. Attach the top roller brackets to the top board of the door per the separate instructions packed with the rollers. You may have to trim off the screws in back to slide freely.

The door slide track mounts to a full width 2×8 or wider at the top:

Measure door hang distance and screw in slide track brackets and track at a height that allows the door to move without hitting the bottom stay roller: Important — use a level. With a helper, lift in the door, then use the supplied nails in the pre-drilled holes at each end of the slide track to stop the door travel.

The latch: (see separate instruction sheet supplied with the latch)

  1. Assemble the spring and spring retainer cap on the latch.
  2. Use a spacer board to align the latch retaining loop.
  3. Screw on the latch and latch retaining loop.
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