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Cashmans All Weather Hay Feeder

(8 customer reviews)

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Tired of hay going to waste? A great solution is the All Weather Hay Feeder! Manufactured from a heavy duty plastic, our pasture hay feeder provides protection from the elements year round.

  • Base is 6′ x 6′
  • 6′ tall in center
  • Windows are 34″ tall x 17.5″ Wide and 25″ from the ground

Designed for feeding round bales or small square bales (large enough openings), this feeder is versatile for your animal’s needs. (We suggest that a pallet is placed down first to keep the hay off the ground) No pallet? No problem! We ship them on one or sell them in store!


Horses are able to feed from all four sides, cutting down on any competition for feeding space. The openings are placed about 25 inches from the ground, decreasing the likelihood of  legs or hooves getting caught.

The All Weather Feeder also offers safe rounded edges to eliminate any chances of your horse getting cut or rubbing their mane and neck when feeding.

Looking for a Covered Hay Feeder that contains and protects hay from the elements?  Stretch your investment in hay by keeping it contained and dry, with a Cashmans All Weather Hay Feeder.  Our heavy-duty pasture feeder accommodates up to 8 horses at once with round or square hay bales.

  • Great for protecting hay from the rain, snow, wind as well as the sun
  • Horses can feed from 4 sides
  • Larger feed openings can accommodate square bales when needed
  • Made of thick heavy plastic
  • Horse safe round edges
  • Light color reflects sunlight
  • 5 Piece Unit:  Nests inside each other for easy shipping, 4 identical sides + a 1-piece roof (prevents moisture leaking in through the top)
  • Great ROI…can pay for itself in 6 months
  • Base is 6′ x 6′
  • 6′ tall in center
  • Feeder weighs approximately 170 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to stake into the ground if needed

Stop losing hay to wind and rain – protect your horse’s food source!

8 reviews for Cashmans All Weather Hay Feeder

  1. Terry Kraus

    Purchased two of these from Tony over the phone and had them shipped. They arrived in great condition. Very easy to assemble.
    Feeding 4 horses out of these in two different pastures. The amount of hay that is not wasted by these creatures pawing at the rolls then stomping all over it and treating it like a liter box, will pay for these huts in approx 6 months.
    Thank you!!!

  2. Ann McDonald, Girard, PA

    I bought three of these last November and was astounded at the amount of hay rolls I DID NOT have to use last year….and we had a record cold and snowy winter of 200 plus inches of snow! Nearly no waste at all. These huts paid for themselves the very first year I used them. I am going to get two more to add in this year. I have two large herds and I will say that four at a feeder is the ideal number of horses, but if you have larger buddy groups or mares that get along, maybe you will get luckier than I. The bosses tend to control the space and the old guys need a feeder away from the larger groups to give me the peace of mind they are getting to the feeder enough to stay warm. Wish they had a little more rigid frame with handle to use the tractor to flip them over instead of having to do it by hand. I am a woman of 61 and I have to do this alone, but it can be done. Two people make quick work of the job.

  3. Ryan Speltz

    Good product for us, we like the lighter weight to tip. Like all of these work well for the regular sized horses not the drafts though=)

    • Brittany

      Thank you for your feedback! We have customers that have built wooden platforms to raise the feeder for draft horses and then use equipment to lift the round bales onto it.

  4. Patricia H Goff

    I purchased my Cashmans round bale feeder in October of 2019. I can say that I am very pleased with how well It’s made and the fact that my hay stays fresh and dry even in a windy rain storm. I am looking forward to many years of use.

    • Brittany

      Thank you Patricia! We really appreciate your feedback. The one we have in the pasture here at the farm has been in use for over 5 years and has paid for itself many times over!

  5. Alisha

    This is one of the coolest products we have ever bought from cashman’s! The sturdiness and quality of this in comparison to the hay Hut brand is amazing! We love being able to utilize round bales outside so the horses have 24/7 access to forage without the worry of the hay getting ruined from the weather or from them stomping all over it. Highly recommend!

    • Brittany

      Alisha, thanks so much for this great review!

  6. Brent & Brenda Smock

    Received our hay hut last Friday. Delivery dude was great and put the skid right where we wanted it. Assembled it by myself with no issues. Although putting the roof on by yourself is a challenge ( I am 6’1” 240 for reference), but I got’er done! Thanks for providing a great product! The horse enjoying hay from the hut is the 3rd great grandson of Secratariat.

    Image #1 from Brent & Brenda Smock
    • Brittany

      Thanks for such a great review!

  7. crystal (verified owner)

    Love the hut. Have a lot less hay wastage. But wish it had a handle/hook to make it easier to move with a bucket.

  8. Vickie Jaje

    I purchased four hay huts a year ago. I love them. They will pay for themselves this year. I have heard they save the hay which saves money. I just can’t believe how well they work and how much they have saved me on hay. They also save on clean up. Normally after winter I would have a pile were feeders were I do not have that problem with these huts because they clean everything up. I have been so happy with the first four I just purchased two more hay huts to add to other paddocks. I’m a 59 year old female and I can flip them over and fill them solo. I am 6’ so that helps. I know this was a concern for me before I bought them because I work solo 90 percent of the time. Two people make it VERY easy to flip and fill but one can handle them too. I would recommend these to anyone.

    I have a mare that is HARD on everything including the hay hut. She put this one on its top. She was never injured and the hay hut is doing fine. If the huts can survive her they have to be tough!!

    Image #1 from Vickie Jaje
    Image #2 from Vickie Jaje
    Image #3 from Vickie Jaje
    • Brittany

      Thank you Vickie! We really appreciate your business and this great review of the All Weather Hay Feeder.

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