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Call to check inventory before making a trip to the store.

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ARC Aluminum Stalls

ARC Aluminum Stalls are now a part of the Cashmans family of products!

ARC stalls are made with an exclusive high strength aluminum alloy. This technology allows for the best in rust-free aluminum stalls. Our stalls are tough and stand the test of time. There’s no flaking paint posing a danger to your horses. You won’t have to worry about rust. Our innovative horse stall system installs easily.

Our horse stall kits allow you to make a lot of choices. First, you can choose the type of wood that you want. If you have stalls in a row, you may choose to have solid wood or grills like those used in the stall fronts. Solid wood provides privacy and is less expensive. Grilled separation allows for socialization of the horses and advanced airflow in the stalls. Some stall designs even use part grilled and part solid as a 3rd option. This option offers a little of both – privacy when feeding and socialization too.

Please consider that the size of the gap between the bars is critical from a safety standpoint. ARC aluminum grills exceed the equine vet recommendation of gaps being 2.75” or less. (ARC aluminum grills have 2.61” bar gaps) The ARC stall system is easy to modify if your barn posts are not in standard locations. Our stall system is sold directly to builders and consumers across the US and Canada.

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