Cashmans Elite Rope Fence - 1000' Length

To provide a secure boundary for your animals, you need a reliable fence.  Our low-cost, low-maintenance Cashman Elite Fence System provides an attractive and safe electrified solution that’s easy to install.  It’s stronger than most products on the market – including boards, high-tensile wire, PVC, electric tape and other rope brands.  Our experienced consultants will be happy to help you plan a custom fence for your property.

$159.99 $149.99

  • Cashmans poly rope with 6 strands of tinned copper running through it. Tinned copper is better equipped to resist humidity, high temperatures and wet environments.
  • This is the last fence you will ever need to buy!
  • Cashmans Elite is a safe, strong and durable fence which can be used with just about any animal.
  • This product is by far the easiest to install with the least amount of maintenance.
  • This product is designed to be electrified to provide a safe and enjoyable turn out for all your farm animals.

1 review for Cashmans Elite Rope Fence – 1000′ Length

  1. Annie

    Comparable to the Electro-Braid. We have a mix of both on our property. Love it! Easy to install. Doesn’t sag after time. Looks great. Won’t snap if a tree or limb falls on it. Typically the insulators will break if that happens.

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