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STALL GRAZER 3-IN-1 FEEDER – Corner & Wall

(2 customer reviews)

Corner feeder for use in box stalls and paddocks.
Separate compartments for alfalfa or grass hay, grain and salt.


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Pro Panel’s original Stall Grazer Feeder features an ultra-durable one piece molded design that has a large center space for hay and two smaller side openings for grain and salt. It weighs approximately 35 lbs.

Horses are healthier and happier and will keep the hay in the feeder and not out on the ground or stall floor.

The savings in hay, shavings and time cleaning stalls can easily return the cost of the feeder again and again.

2 reviews for STALL GRAZER 3-IN-1 FEEDER – Corner & Wall

  1. Gary Smith

    Great product. Recommended to all horse owners.

  2. Gary Smith

    Great product. All horse owners should have them.

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