37 Gallon Drum with lid

  • 37 gallon drum with lid
    • Use this 37 gallon drum as a cooler at parties, a feed bin for your livestock and pets, as a heavy duty trash can, or anything else you need! Complete with lid, this hardened rubberized product stands at just over 2 ft. and angles down for a larger opening up top and smaller bottom down low. Lid fits securely over top lip, ensuring whatever you place inside stays put. This type of container is great for keeping pests out and will last you several years of horse feed, livestock equipment and parties yet to come.
      • 2 ft. tall
      • 37 gallon capacity
      • Comes with flat lid


  • 37 Gallon Capacity
  • Strong durable rubber
  • Comes with snap on lid
  • Lid is capable of being locked on, to prevent opening if knocked over
  • Great for storing bags of feed


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