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5 Gallon Heated Bucket

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5 Gallon Heated Bucket


  • Safe, reliable and easy to use, just plug in and fill with water! Bucket has built in thermostat that keeps water above freezing temperatures during the cold season and is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Use inside or outside of barn for pets, horses, livestock, and more. Complete with anti-chew cord wrapped in bottom section of bucket.
    • 120 Watt
    • 5′ Cord
    • Hunter Green flatback bucket
    • Built in thermostat operates to keep water from freezing
    • “Anti-chew cord”: Cord wrapped with metal wire
    • Pour spout on front of bucket

3 reviews for 5 Gallon Heated Bucket

  1. Amanda Browning

    We have tried a few different brands of heated buckets, these are by far the best and most sturdy. I would recommend these to everyone who lives in a cold weather state. We have had them for two years and they look brand new.

  2. Annie

    An absolute necessity for our Ohio Winters. Love that they are thermostatically controlled to shut off when the temperature gets warm enough they don’t need to run. One of the major causes of colic in the winter time is not enough water consumption. If your water buckets are freezing up over night that’s just setting your horse up for a problem.

  3. Jaime

    Love these for the barn and for winter shows! Travel easy and work everywhere. Plus the flat side is great for hanging!

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