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6 ½’ T-Post – 1.25 Green


Cashmans metal T-Posts are available in 6 1/2′ only.  Easy to drive into the ground with a T-Post Pounder (also available at Cashmans) or some might use a sledge hammer.  Attached anchor plate makes sure your t-post gets a good hold and stays in the ground.  T-posts can come in handy for lots of projects but, make sure you are aware of the dangers.  T-posts can be sharp and dangerous for animals if not properly placed or covered.  T-Post toppers can protect your animals from the sharp top of a t-post and t-posts should be placed on the outside of your fence away from the animals reach.

Cashmans 6 1/2′ T-Post

  • Made of heavy steel
  • Painted green with white tip
  • 1.25
  • Come in bundles of 5 or purchase individually


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