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Cashmans Gate Anchor by Co-Line

Ever have trouble keeping your gate open?  Or wish you had support for the opened end?  Then a Gate Anchor is just what you’re looking for!  Gate anchors can hold your gate in any position while you drive, walk or run your horses or livestock through.  We’re here to help make daily chores easier.  Let’s work smarter, not harder!


Co-Line’s Gate Anchor features a spring loaded brake which will hold the cane bolt in any position.  To release the anchor/bolt simply push down on the lever.  Designed for tube gates, it can anchor into just about any surface.

  • This anchor is 17″ tall
  • Fits gates with 1 5/8” to 2” round tubes
  • Holds gate in any position
  • Keeps gates from sagging or swinging
  • Can also be used horizontally as a slide latch
  • Zinc-coated
  • Proudly made in the USA

Ever wish for a double gate to have the control of a single gate?  That’s where a gate anchor really lends a helping hand!  Go ahead and put a large gate opening in the fence and hang two gates.  Install a gate anchor on one or both.  Even using one allows you to hold the gate in line with your fence while you use the other side to travel in or out.


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