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Cashmans Elite Rope Fence – 1000′ Length

(8 customer reviews)

To provide a secure boundary for your animals, you need a reliable fence.  Our low-cost, low-maintenance Cashmans Elite Fence System provides an attractive and safe electrified solution that’s easy to install.  The 1800 lb breaking strength makes it stronger than most products on the market – including boards, high-tensile wire, PVC, electric tape and other rope brands.  Our experienced consultants will be happy to help you plan a custom fence for your property.





  • Cashmans poly rope with 6 strands of tinned copper running through it. Tinned copper is better equipped to resist humidity, high temperatures and wet environments.
  • This is the last fence you will ever need to buy!
  • Cashmans Elite is a safe, strong and durable fence which can be used with just about any animal.
  • This product is by far the easiest to install with the least amount of maintenance.
  • This product is designed to be electrified to provide a safe and enjoyable turn out for all your farm animals.

8 reviews for Cashmans Elite Rope Fence – 1000′ Length

  1. Annie

    Comparable to the Electro-Braid. We have a mix of both on our property. Love it! Easy to install. Doesn’t sag after time. Looks great. Won’t snap if a tree or limb falls on it. Typically the insulators will break if that happens.

  2. Alisha

    We love our cashman’s Elite fencing! It is so easy to install, strong, and looks great! We have never had a horse get hurt in it like we use to have with high tensile wire. We have deer that jump it and trees that have fallen on it and never once has a rope ever broken!

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for this great review! Our Cashman Elite fencing is definitely the best bang for your buck! It’s extremely effective and will last years and years! My favorite part is that you can go up to 50′ post spacing.

  3. Alan

    I want to praise this product. Just yesterday there was a storm that blew off a 25ft. tree limb from well over 75ft up the tree. This limb landed on my 5 strands of fence and had smashed the fence lines to the ground. Well once the limb was cut the fence snapped right back, AMAZING!!!! Even with 1 of the 5 strands having a joint splice in it.

    Image #1 from Alan
    Image #2 from Alan
    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for this great review! This is definitely one of the benefits of Cashman Elite we like to point out, so thank you for sharing your experience.

  4. Paula (verified owner)

  5. Melanie Joerger (verified owner)

    Cashmans salespeople were very friendly and helpful with the order of our fencing supplies. Cashmans had the best price for the rope fence and after installing the fence we are more than pleased with the performance of the product. We would recommend Cashmans for all of your fencing needs.

  6. Dane Colby (verified owner)

  7. Chad Newland

    I just want to thank Cashmans and their crew on helping me with my 1st fence project!! Your knowledge, customer service and product quality is unmatched! Thank you Chad Newland

    Image #1 from Chad Newland
    Image #2 from Chad Newland
  8. Timothy H. (verified owner)

    I started using this product about 4 years ago. It is easy to install and is very safe for the horses. Cashman’s service is outstanding!

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