Swing Out Thermal Bucket Package

This deal includes an awesome insulated bucket with the swing out door feature!  Never have to open the stall door again to water, simply unlatch and swing the bucket into your aisle to refill.  The insulation keeps the water cooler in the summer and helps protect from freezing in the winter.  Although this is not a necessity for watering in stalls, it sure makes life easier!


Get an insulated bucket plus the swing out water door to make your chores a breeze.  This package includes the door with frame as well as our American made thermal buckets.  These buckets work to insulate the water from extreme temperatures year round without using any electric.  Although they are part of our Cashmans Galvalume Stall Series they can be used with most stall applications, please call or email us a picture and we’ll be happy to help assess your situation.  A swing out thermal bucket package is sure to make any horse lovers life easier!

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