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Cattle Round Bale Pasture Feeder


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Heavy Duty and designed to minimize hay waste. Perfect for Round Bales or Large Square Bales.

88″ wide

8 or 12 feet long

8′ is recommended for 3-15 head of cattle and will hold 1 round bale

12′ is for larger herds and can hold 2 round bales or 1 large square bale

Finished to look new and remain rust free for years. The entire feeder is acid washed after fabrication to remove any oils, dirt or other contaminants, preventing paint adhesion.

Epoxy primer forms the base of the finish and is topped off with a layer of two-part polyurethane paint. This provides a durable finish that resists fading, chalking and chipping unlike many other paints or powder coating.

One of the first Diller cattle hay feeders built is still in daily use after 26 years of service.

8′ units with roof and gate have a gate on one end

12′ units with roof and gate have a gate on both ends


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