Corner Ground Feeder with Grain Inserts

Our durable poly ground feeder features rounded edges for safety and grain feeder inserts on each side.

The inserts bolt into the feeder securely and the top lip keeps the bolts from being exposed.

The grain feeder inserts serve the dual purpose of allowing you to feed grains or minerals and simply having them installed dramatically reduces feed waste by limiting the horses ability to toss feed out of the feeder.



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Durable impact resistant poly construction with UV protection ensures this feeder will hold up to years of use in harsh elements.

Mounts easily to wood stall walls by simply using lag screws

Size: 32″ L x 46″ W x 30″ H

Insert Size: 17.5″ L x 21.5″ W x 10.5″ H

Weight: 26 pounds


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