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Equine Hay Basket for Square Bales

(4 customer reviews)


Don’t have the room to store round bales, but want to feed hay in the pasture? The hay basket offers a perfect solution. The poly basket is designed for feeding square hay bales. Manufactured with large side vents that even a mini, goat, or sheep could eat out of it. The unique design helps to keep your hay dry and off the ground. Even if it does rain there are holes for it to drain; no moldy hay! This feeder mimics the natural feeding position, with no metal holes to get legs and feet caught in. The frame breaks down for easy cleaning or storage.

  • Perfect for feeding square bales (fits up to 2 full small bales)
  • Natural feeding position
  • Keeps hay dry and off the ground
  • Smooth-sided poly basket for horse safety
  • Large vent holes
  • 34″ tall 64″ diameter

4 reviews for Equine Hay Basket for Square Bales

  1. HMW

    I have had two of these for about 4 years. The product is great quality and holds up to the abuse my horses give it. I just don’t like how my horses are able to push the hay up and out of the basket when I put flakes in. They push it out to get to the fine stuff.

  2. Kathie

    We bought two of these for our five horses. You can fit up to two square bales in each one. The basket keeps the hay off the ground and there’s a lot less waste! They are tough and one person can easily move them if needed.

    • Brittany

      Thank you for your feedback! It’s definitely nice to have less hay waste!

  3. Paul

    I’ve had one for between 7 -8 years. Everything the other reviewers say and the description says is true The problem is the basket has rusted through the metal at the welds and has also rusted through the paint around the top of basket. I will need to replace it within a few more months. It would be nice if these were made out of galvanized or aluminum

  4. Diana

    Love these. Just got 3 more so each horse has his own and I’m not stuffing nets daily! I fluff and mix 2 types of hay- one very low sugar and coarser with softer hay they love- and put in no knot nets and I use 2 bucket holder straps to keep net secured to basket so horse don’t pull it out. I love the horses to eat with their heads down and still use hay nets so they stop picking through hay and throwing it all over making a mess. In these photos I hadn’t raked up paddocks yet- we were so excited to fill nets and get them eating! Ours are under an overhang so hay stays dry abs we’ve had one basket for over 4 years abs it’s still going strong. Our gentle Clydesdale has it. Now they each have one🥕.

    Cashmans is great ! They loaded them up for us and made it all so easy!

    • Brittany

      Thank you Diana!

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