Full-Size Manure Spreaders 20 Animals



Manure Spreader Model 97

109 Cu. Ft. capacity, holds approximately forty-six (46) 70 qt. muck tubs, & requires a minimum of 25 HP standard tractor

Manure Spreader Model 127

140 Cu. Ft. capacity, holds approximately fifty-nine(59) 70 qt. Muck tubs, & requires a minimum of 28 HP standard tractor

PTO Driven

Easy connect PTO shaft –which engages the floor chain and the beater bars, features ribbed tires

Deluxe Offers Rhino-lining urethane coating with ten(10) year manufacturer warranty

Stainless Steel model offers: Manufacturer Lifetime warranty against rust-through on the body


Standard features:

T-link Apron Chain

Industrial powder coat finish

No-Rust, No-rot poly floor with manufacturer Lifetime warranty

Flared sides for easy loading

Rugged Farm grade steel construction


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