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Hay Guard Non Toxic Hay Treatment- Liquid


The NEW way to treat your Hay!

Made in America in a food grade facility, this Safe & Ready to Use Treatment Contains No Acids

Save More Leaves, Increase the Quality of your Hay!  Applicable to any small square baler, large square or round baler with the use of a Dohrmann Applicator available at Cashmans

Treating with Hay Guard costs less than 25 cents a small square bale.  Can you afford not to use it?

For more information, read more Here or call our knowledgeable staff 740.363.6073

50 pounds, the pail, will treat up to 25 tons

550 pounds, the drum, will treat up to 275 tons

3,300 pounds, the tote, will treat up to 1,650 tons of hay – Pre-Order ONLY

  • Safe for all animals
  • Odorless
  • Acid Free
  • Keeps hay greener, softer and more nutritious
  • Produces fresher, more palatable hay

Hay Guard contains a patented combination of sulfur compounds that produce gases which:

  • Limit oxygen/plant cell respiration in the forage mass
  • Reduce temperature after baling

The results:

  • Bale your hay at a higher moisture content
  • Increased quality and palatability
  • Greater dry matter recovery


Drying hay down to 10%-15% results in leaf loss of up to 50%

Using Hay Guard and baling at 20% moisture reduces leaf loss to 20% producing:

  • Higher Quality Hay – 90% of vitamins and 75% of protein in leaves
  • Higher Quantity Hay – More tonnage per acre due to increased leaves

Liquid Application Rate Guidelines:

  • Small Square & Round Bales:  Apply 2-4 lbs per ton of baled hay at a moisture content less than 25%
  • Large Square Bales:  Apply 2 lbs per ton of baled hay with a moisture content up to 20%.  Apply 3-4 lbs per ton of baled hay with a moisture content between 21-25%

Even the best hay treated with Hay Guard needs proper storage and ventilation!

  • Stack hay for maximum air flow.  Bales should be stacked in closely butted rows with a gap between rows for air circulation.
  • Use open sided structures whenever possible to allow greater air flow.
  • Place wetter, greener bales at the outside of the storage structure where they have greater exposure to air.
  • If hay is stored outside, cover bales with heavy plastic sheeting, a tarp, or other fabric covering that is firmly secured to prevent wind from blowing it off.

We recommend using the Cashman BHT-2 Moisture Meter in cab to monitor your hay moisture during baling.

The Dohrmann Applicators for application of Hay Guard are compatible with any baler.  We offer kits for small square balers, large square balers and round balers here at Cashmans.

Please give us a call so we can help you figure exactly what your farm needs for hay production.

Once you made your life easier and your hay better, check out our hay wagons and elevators!


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