McFeeters Ultimate Pick Bedding


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McFeeters Ultimate Quick Pick Bedding
Super absorbent and virtually dust free, McFeeters Pick Bedding will have you coming back for more! This super fine bedding is composed of 100% all natural softwood and is kiln dried and heat treated. Multiple uses for multiple animals inside or out of the home and barn.
  • 2.7 cu.ft. Compressed -> 4.16 cu.ft. Expanded
  • Super absorbent
  • Multiple uses
  • 100% all natural softwood
  • Kiln dried and heat treated
  • Virtually dust free

3 reviews for McFeeters Ultimate Pick Bedding

  1. HMW

    When ever I’m in the area I stock up on this bedding. It Is the finest saw dust I can find.

  2. Annie

    The best fine pick bedding out there. Easy to clean, smells good and extremely absorbent. My only complaint is that it isn’t always in stock.

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for your review! You are correct, this product is so popular that it can be difficult to keep up with the demand!

  3. Amanda Browning

    This is the best fine shavings we have ever used. Soft and absorbent. Covers a large area.

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