No Spill Horse Ball Corner Feeder


True to its name, this no spill horse ball corner feeder does its job! Easily installed in any horse or livestock stall corner, this product can be put to use quickly and efficiently. The round ball design keeps feed inside no matter how messy an eater your animal is. The wide, flat section above the ball saves any feed that escapes from below, simultaneously saving you time and money. Available in gray and highly durable, this feeder is great in any barn.

  • Easy corner installation
  • Round ball design keeps feed inside
  • Top flat section saves any feed that escapes


  1. Ariana

    This feeder does its job! While I wish my horse could have a regular feeder, he is so messy and tends to spray his grain aggressively while eating. Thanks to this feeder, there is a minimal quantity of wasted grain that actually makes it out out of the feeder and onto the stall floor/bedding. Thank you Cashman’s for a quality product.

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