Original EZ Mat Mover


Original EZ Mat Mover

Are moving mats a real pain? Then make your life easier with the original mat mover! Simply push into edge of mat, and pull back. The super grip teeth design locks onto the mat and ensures a tight hold, letting you pick up and move heavy mats easier than ever! These are a must have if you have difficulty handling mats, as they cut moving time in half! Open gripping teeth by opening lever at end of tool. Use in conjunction with another mat gripper for even easier handling.

  • Blue in color
  • Easy one hand operation
  • Impact resistant
  • Heavy duty and durable

1 review for Original EZ Mat Mover

  1. Finer Things Farm

    One broke after first use. Really helped with heavy mats but not built to last

    • Brittany

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Sorry to hear this. If you would like to email us at info@cashmans.com we would be happy to discuss a resolution. We do have the heavy duty EZ Mat Mover for larger projects as well.

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