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Queen Easy Sift Bedding

  • Queen easy sift is a small flake bedding that’s great for use in multiple settings for your equine and livestock needs. Small and super absorbent, the flakes clump at a higher rate than larger flake bedding, ensuring quality and efficiency for your money.
    • 2.2 cu.ft. Compressed -> 5.15 cu.ft. Expanded
    • 100% Pine
    • Great for horses and poultry
    • Small and super absorbent
    • Clumps easily

2 reviews for Queen Easy Sift Bedding

  1. Annie

    The size of this bedding makes it easy to clean but it smells terrible, is very dusty and the bags are never full. If you want a small flake go with the McFeeters in the yellow bag if they have it in stock.

    • Brittany

      Thank you for your Review and feedback! You are correct that McFeeters is a premium product and Queen Easy Sift is another option at a little lower price but you do get a little less per bag.

  2. Amy W.

    Love love love Queen Easy Sift. Best fine shavings I’ve ever used!!!

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