Bucket Strap

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Never leave home without one!

3/4″ Nylon strap fitted with rust resistant brass hardware. Multiple uses in or out of your barn or trailer ranging from holding hay bags, securing buckets, or fastening doors and tethering animals and much more.



Bucket Straps are great for horse shows, trail riding, camping, hanging a bucket from a fence or gate, watering on the side of a trailer, etc. You can hang other things besides buckets too.

Short Bucket Straps: 15″ Long

Long Bucket Straps: 20″ Long

Adjustable Bucket Straps: Up to 30″ Long (Black only)


Our short and long straps come in many colors: Red | Orange | Yellow | Neon Green | Hunter Green | Royal Blue | Navy Blue | Purple | Neon Pink | Black |


For Shipping: Please specify which color(s) you would like in the notes at checkout

3 reviews for Bucket Strap

  1. Lori Arthur

    These bucket hangers are the best! Heavy duty strap and hardware, and lots of colors to choose from!

  2. HMW

    I think I have at least ten of these in different colors and lengths. Perfect at home and out camping with the horses. A must to keep a couple around.

  3. Michelle Naida

    The best and easiest for shows! Came across these one Congress bought a bunch love them! So much easier than taking screw eyes and trying to hang them. Easy up easy down with these!

    • Brittany

      You can use them for so many things too!

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