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Stable Ground Hexagon Slabs


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» For temporary ground protection at open-air events, exhibitions or fairs
» Strong enough for permanent use in areas like driveways and parking lots
» Lightweight and simple to use
» Quick to install and easy to take apart
» Can bear loads of up to 100 t/ft2
» Tough, durable and weatherproof
» Can be stored outdoors
» Secure interlocking system


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Outer width: 18⅛”
Inner width: 15¾”
Height: 1⅝”
Weight per slab: 3.75 lbs
Coverage per slab: 1.5 ft²
Slabs per pallet: 235
Coverage per pallet: 430 ft²
Material: 100% recycled plastic
Connection: Interlocking hooks
Color: Gray


Quick to install, easy to dismantle and ideal for events like exhibitions, shows and fairs.

Lay directly onto firm, stable and level ground or flooring and use immediately. If the ground is soggy grass or soft soil, install a roll out geogrid between the ground and slab. If the ground is very soft and boggy, these slabs are not recommended without further ground preparation. Contact us for advice.

Strong, durable and perfect for permanent applications like drive ways and amenity areas.
» Step 1
Install an edge or curb to prevent movement of bedding materials. Make sure that the ground is strong enough to bear the expected loads. If not, lay 4–6” of free-draining compacted and levelled stone.

» Step 2
Cover the sub-base with a non-woven needle-punched
geotextile layer (with 6” overlaps) to keep the sub-base and bedding layer separate. Install, compact and level a 1” bedding layer of sharp sand or grit.

» Step 3
Start from the edge or curb and install slab onto the bedding layer. Make sure the interconnecting hooks fit securely beneath each slab. Due to the hexagonal shape, a straight edge leaves a half slab gap – the slabs are easy to cut with a circular saw or standard woodworking tools (for tricky areas, avoid cutting to less than a third of a slab).

Work outwards from this first line, clicking further slabs together until the area is covered. For immediate use, bed the new paved area down with a nylon covered plate vibrator.


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