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Val 6 EPX Heater

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  • Val 6 EPX Heater
    • Most powerful model
    • Enlarged combustions chamber
    • 20% larger radiation disk
    • Automatic Shutdown safety feature
    • Heat reaches objects more quickly and further away (compared to other heaters)
    • Can operate continuously for 20 hours on low output and 15 hours on high output
    • Built in thermostat and built in heater for fuel line
    • Specifications
      • 123 W
      • 15.4 gallons
      • Heat Output High: 140,000 BTU/hr
      • Heat Output Low: 100,000 BTU/hr
      • External Dimensions (H x W x D) 38.2 x 25.4 x 48.6
      • Dry Weight 110 lbs

General Overview of Val6 Series Heaters:

  • 2 year warranty
  • Guaranteed to last on average 3 times longer than typical convection heaters
  • Diesel #1, Diesel #2 and Kerosene
  • Heat penetrates evenly just like heat from the sunlight
    • Heats object/person, not air
  • Operated by diesel or kerosene
  • Overheating prevention system
  • Heating source in otherwise cold and open garage, barn, patio, porch, factory, workshop, warehouse, as well as outdoor activities.
  • Produces no odor or smoke
  • Portable
  • Warms up people, machines and equipment


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