Bale Chute for Hay Elevators

This chute hinges to your elevator.  It tips back against the wagon or truck for easy unloading. Long tapered design automatically lines up each bale to prevent them from tipping or turning while being pushed up elevator. The grate allows loose material to fall through for a smoother operation.  Although it’s not required it really lends a helping hand, especially on a long hot day.



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Make life even easier by adding a bale chute to your elevator.  This 6′ chute allows the bale to align itself with the elevator.  Simply lay it against the wagon or vehicle you are unloading, place the bales onto the chute, the chain will catch and pull them along.  The openness of the chute allows for any chaff to fall through.

  • A must have if moving hay is a real chore
  • An extra set of guiding hands to get the bales on
  • Perfect companion for heavy bales or weak workers


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