Blanket Bar with Bridle Hooks


Solid Blanket Bar with Hooks

  • Looking for a simple yet effective way to hang your blankets, pads, halters or any other tack or livestock leads? This blanket bar with hooks on either end is the perfect solution and is easily mountable to walls or doors in your barn, trailer, or home. The heavy duty bar is sure to last you several years and is great for keeping your barn valuables up off the ground.
    • Keeps tack and other leads organized
    • Ideal for walls, doors and trailers
    • Heavy duty powder coated steel bar


  1. Annie

    Easy to mount, I had these on all of my stall fronts at my previous barn. Great for hanging sheets and winter blankets on. Keeps them off the ground and out of the aisle. Hooks are great to hang your halter and lead strap on.

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