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Top 10: Essential Equipment for Horse Farms

Valentine’s Day Addition

by Lisa Kiley – Published in Saddle Up February 2022

When you love horses there are quite a few things that are way more fun to get than chocolates and roses for Valentine’s Day.  Even though they might be practical, there is nothing that makes a horse person happier than getting some essential equipment for their horse farm.  So, whether you’re buying for the horse you love, need an idea for the ones you love who love horses, need to leave a hint out for a partner to find, or even treat yourself to a special Valentine’s Day gift, here are our Top 10 Essential Equipment for Horse Farms (for the horse lover in your life):

10.  Buckets of Love

water buckets for horses are essential equipment for horse farms

This one isn’t even going to break the budget and is definitely essential. How about giving your farm a quick facelift with new buckets? Consider getting buckets in your barn colors or a different color for each horse.  Buckets filled with horse treats (or other small items) make a great valentine for the young horse lovers in your life.  

9.  Horse Enrichment Toys

high country plastic slow feed hay play ball

Show your horses you love them with some fun boredom busters.  This time of the year can mean more time in the stall or less ride time, but you can help break the time up by adding Jolly balls, stall snacks, slow feeder balls, treat balls, or even a mega ball to the outdoor or indoor arena to engage their curiosity. 

Check out our Boredom Busters and Enrichment For Horses Article

8.  Stall Gates

heavy duty horse stall gate with yoke

The addition of stall gates to a barn provides several benefits.  Increasing ventilation and sunlight, some gates will also allow the horse to put their head out for socialization and enrichment.  Your horse will feel the love and appreciate the extra face time with his stable mates. 

7.  Stable Organization

royal wire saddle and tack dolly

It’s shiny and silver and she will LOVE it, but it’s not diamonds or jewelry.  Most horse people have plenty of tack, so what better gift than something to hang and organize all their prized possessions?  Saddle racks, bridle hooks, blanket bars are all great suggestions.  Rolling carts and baskets are the crown jewel of the collection!

Read more about the Royal Wire collection

6.  Load Dumper

Load Dumper wheelbarrow

If you haven’t heard of this handy wheelbarrow (that is so much more than a wheelbarrow) you need to check it out.  It comes in a couple different sizes and allows you to dump the load of manure or whatever you put in it with the ease of one hand.  There is even a hitch option so it can be pulled with a lawn tractor or ATV. 

5.  Horse Stall Mats

Second quality horse stall mats are essential equipment for horse farms

While not the sexiest gift on the list, this one may be the agreed upon pieces of essential equipment for horse farms.  Well placed stall mats are great for your horses and will make stall cleaning easier every day.  Want to make dragging the mats easier?  Throw in a few Mat Movers that will make them much easier to pull into place and adjust.

For more insight on choosing horse stall mats, be sure to check out Horse Stall Mats 101

4.  Mud Grids

before and after using mud grids over existing mud

Mud is miserable, mud grids provide an easy solution and will help keep your horses legs and your new boots clean this winter into the spring.  Put them around your gate areas, feeders, and loafing sheds.  They are easy to install and can be moved where you need them most. 

We installed Mud Grids on a horse trail at Alum Creek

3.  Hay Elevator

hay elevator with a bale chute on a transport kit. Essential equipment for horse farms

It may be winter now, but we will be putting up hay before you know it.  Make that job as easy as can be with a new hay elevator.  There are lots of options in length and if you already have one, think about adding a transport kit or a bale chute.  As a bonus, they come in RED!

2.  Round Pen

working a horse in a round pen. This is essential equipment for horse farms

There are few gifts that can top this one!  A round pen is one of the best training tools for horses and has many different uses from groundwork to riding.  Get a versatile round pen that is made of horse safe panels and can be moved and expanded as needed.  A 60’ round pen is a great size for most uses.  This is the perfect time to invest so you will be ready for starting horses this spring or getting your horse back in work after a long winter. 

Read our Round Pen Buyers Guide Here

1.  Spread the LOVE

manure spreaders are essential equipment for horse farms

We saved the best for last!  While manure isn’t very romantic to think about, manure spreaders are often top on the list for horse lovers of all backgrounds and disciplines.  It’s something that you can use daily to make chores and manure management a breeze at the barn and it is something you will love having for years to come. 

Need help choosing a manure spreader?

If you aren’t sure what to get, Gift Cards are always a great option!

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