Stable Ground Grid System

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Cashmans Stable Ground Grid System prevents mud from occurring (when mud is already an issue, use our Stable Ground Mud Solution). We recommend installing in layers consisting of a base layer, an equalizing layer, the paddock slab filled with material as separating layer and then a top layer of footing.

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Length: 19.69”
Width: 15.75”
Height: 1.58”

100% recycled plastic

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  • Ideal aperture size for horses
  • Excellent water permeation through the surface
  • Durable, non-rotting and weather resistant
  • Prevents erosion of earth – ideal at gateways and feeding points
  • High stability due to strong web
  • Frost and UV-resistant
  • Low maintenance and cost effective throughout the product life
  • The lightweight interlocking design enables ease and speed of installation
  • Paddock Slab reduces the carbon footprint of a project and it is completely recyclable
  • Suitable for heavy utility vehicles


For areas under heavy usage (riding arena, lunging ring) we recommend installing in layers consisting of a base layer, an equalizing layer, the paddock slab filled with material as separating layer and then a top layer of footing.

A permeable layer (approx. 20–25 cm (7.87–9.84”) of crushed rock, lava or gravel is applied to soil with good bearing capacity and compacted afterwards. A 2–4 cm (0.79–1.57”) equalizing layer of grit is subsequently applied and leveled.

The slab serves as separating layer. It is filled with grit, sand or gravel and prevents the mixing of base and footing layer. Separation can be improved by placing a permeable fibrous web under the slab.

Finally, the footing is applied. It may consist of sand, wood chips, fabric based or similar material.

For use in less stressed areas (paddocks, feedlots, access paths) the sub-base can be reduced according to the expected strain or the slab can even be placed directly on natural ground. It cannot be guaranteed though that the slab will not sink into the ground.


2 reviews for Stable Ground Grid System

  1. Ann

    I bought these to try in my indoor arena for the entrance into the viewing area. Sand was always being dragged into the room, and all the matts I would place in front of the door were useless after a couple of days of use ( they would just get barred by the sand). So I saw these and thought way not give them a try. They were just the thing, they stay put and so far have not been completely barred by the sand and bonus the act as a boot scrap before walking into the viewing area!! best product idea yet!!

    • Brittany (store manager)

      Thank you so much for this great review! We know sand and mud can be very frustrating to work with so we are happy to have a product that provides a solution!

  2. Sarah Collins

    I bought 1.5 pallets of these mats to go completely around 4 round bale feeders. I have clay and mud was 6 inches deep. These mats are beyond amazing!!! They stay in place, are easy to install, and dont sink (when using drain stone as base). They are so sturdy and hold in place so well I drive my large tractor up on them to load round bales. They do not move!!!! Best product ever and highly recommend! Wish I would have used them long ago. Dont even waste your money on a cheaper product for mud control. These last and they stay in place!

    • Brittany (store manager)

      Thank you Sarah for this great review! We are happy to hear that they are working like you hoped (and maybe even better).

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